The base of patterns for anti-gravity film

The base of patterns for anti-gravity film

What are the patterns used for

The desire of each owner of the machine is to increase its service life and preserve its attractive appearance. To protect the skin from external influences, an anti-gravity film is used. Experts recommend using ready-made patterns of the car interior. They are cut out according to electronic drawings. Most often , the following body elements are subject to damage: 
• hood;
• bumper;
• wings;
• headlights;
• door edges;
• side mirrors.
Polyurethane film will provide protection from dust, gravel, and chemicals. It will protect the most vulnerable parts of the body. The advantage of the patterns of the car interior, which can be downloaded on our website, is that when installing the film, the paintwork of the body is not damaged. The pattern is an exact repetition of the contours of the parts of the car, you do not need a knife to trim the film. The process of installing the film is fast and convenient, it does not need to be adjusted. It is important to perform this operation correctly, so the surface must be prepared beforehand, this will prevent the film from peeling in the future.

Product Advantages

To buy a pattern for a car means to protect it from bad weather, small stones and scratches. The polyurethane film is invisible to the eye, but contributes to the strength of the machine's structural elements. The electronic template will save material, provide high-precision and high-quality cutting. All patterns of the car interior correspond to certain car models. 
The AutoPatterns program contains several thousand patterns of film for cars. We offer the opportunity to cut sets of interior or bodywork, as well as individual parts of vehicles. There is a huge choice to download patterns for a truck or buy patterns for a motorcycle. Periodically, the program is updated, where new positions for different types of equipment are added.
The program provides integration with a wide range of plotters: GCC Jaguar, Graphtec, Roland, Mimaki and others. Drivers are updated regularly. Technical staff are always ready to help and help in setting up the software. The simple interface of the program provides a convenient search. The visual editor is intuitive, we have provided everything to make it comfortable for you to work and independently cut patterns for the car.
A huge database is loaded into the program for cutting patterns, you will need to select a model and configuration from the list and download the patterns to the truck. It is possible to edit, for example, increase the bend of the film. It is also possible to set up reporting and analytics. For example, to track the number of cuts, priorities of customer demand.

Where to buy patterns for a motorcycle

Our company provides an opportunity to download patterns for a motorcycle of any brand and model. This is a great opportunity to preserve the appearance of the vehicle in its original form for many years. With patterns, you will provide invisible protection of the machine, save time on the repair of paintwork, as well as lighting equipment. 
Unique properties of the film:
• optical transparency – at the same time, the light parameters of the headlights do not deteriorate;
• burnout resistance – UV resistance;
• elasticity – the film can take any shape;
• ability to shock absorption;
• resistance to chemical influences.
We offer you to download patterns for a motorcycle: the products are prepared for comfortable work, the contours of cutting and printing are carefully deduced. Each pattern has been tested in practice. Pasting the windshield, bodywork and dashboard will provide a water-repellent and sun protection effect. The film will protect the two-wheeled transport from the abrasive action of dust and sand.
You can download the patterns for the car on the website /pattern-shop/. They are designed for specific models and demonstrate high cutting accuracy. The car is pasted both with and without parsing. Contact us to buy patterns of the car interior at reasonable prices!
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