Patterns for the car

Patterns for the car
From the very moment when a car is bought, the struggle for a fresh and "marketable" look begins. After all, on the road and even in parking lots, cars are threatened with a lot of interference:
• tree branches;
• doors of nearby cars parked nearby;
• supermarket carts.
Meeting with these mini-obstacles, gravel flying from under the wheels of the cars in front means scratches on the paintwork. Therefore, responsible car owners are thinking hard about how to get out of the situation. One of the outputs was the patterns for the car.
The method of protecting surfaces by wrapping them is familiar to us all since childhood. Who among us hasn't used books with covers and taped torn pages? Something similar can be done with a car by purchasing patterns for pasting cars. The patterns themselves do not solve the case, but if they are properly glued, we will get solid protection for a car or motorcycle (many bikers are not averse to buying patterns for a motorcycle). The patterns provide an ideal fit of the film for a specific car model.
Before you buy a pattern for a car, it is better to decide what kind of film you want to paste it over. The film can be matte, transparent, colored, but the main separation takes place according to the material — vinyl or polyurethane. Vinyl films are an older and budget option; such a film sticks quickly, but does not hold so well, turns yellow over time and loses its properties when heated and strongly cooled. Vinyl is not enough for a very long time, but for the first time such a film protects against small stones and damage. So car owners who are looking for film patterns for their cars are often interested not in vinyl, but in polyurethane films. The following advantages speak in favor of polyurethane:
• the film is designed for military purposes, so its quality is time-tested;
• the film withstands both heat and low temperatures typical for Russia;
• does not turn yellow, the paint under it does not fade, does not change its properties for a long time;
• the protection of polyurethane film is more serious than using vinyl, so you can even buy patterns for a motorcycle, knowing that this film will withstand stronger loads (large pebbles, branches, bumps, collisions), characteristic of a more extreme, risky driving style.
Well-known companies such as 3M VentureShield, SunTek, ClearPlex, Spectroll are engaged in the production of films; promising Russian brands such as KVM PPF appear on the market, which need a base of patterns for anti-gravity film.

Patterns of the car interior

Thrifty car owners can buy patterns for the interior of the car, order the pasting of the car with a film from the inside. This achieves the effect:
• complete novelty of the car, as fingerprints, food and other contaminants are more easily removed from the film;
• complete safety of surfaces from bumps, scratches and careless sudden movements, overly aggressive cleaning.
Those who would like to paste over the car interior on their own are looking for exact patterns of the car interior or trying to download the patterns of the car interior in order to achieve a perfect fit. But any patterns are only part of success. You need to have a good plotter and an affordable, high-quality film from which you can carve out patterns of the interior of the car, its body and all parts of the car, truck or motorcycle that need to be pasted.

Buy patterns

In fact, wherever you are, it's not enough just to download patterns for a car, download patterns for a truck or download patterns for a motorcycle. To make everything work out at the highest level, you need special software like the AUTOPATTERNS program, and you can find the patterns for common types of cars, motorcycles and trucks on the Autopatterns website owned by KMB-Ko, which cooperates with most film manufacturers, supplies its own brand KVM PPF film, organized a training center where you will be taught correctly stick the film. If you prefer to get down to business on your own, you can find on our website a lot of patterns for cars, download patterns for a truck, download patterns for a motorcycle. Full versions of the patterns are available after purchase, and using an available plotter, you can cut films suitable for your vehicle through the AUTOPATTERNS program, and later paste them. If you have your own detaling center or you are engaged in car maintenance, we will be happy to offer you a discount on our services. Contact us via chat on the website or make a purchase automatically — we will confirm your order, answer all questions and help with any difficulties that you may have when you first use our program.
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